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Journal entry 1

If I had written one single page every day, I would have finished a novel as long as my life. But it hasn’t been the case. My 400 page novel is still unfinished, and my life lacks a purpose. That’s why I … Continue reading

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Black by Thizz Clinton

Listening to Black by Thizz Clinton…obsessively.

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Les Plesko, the Poet of Prose

I woke up this morning and remembered that Les is gone..gone the way he did. The sun was absent and I was still in shock and there was no word capable of consoling me and all those who adored him, … Continue reading

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A Book Review: Notes From Underground

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On a first glance, Notes From the Underground seems to be a short/small book, but even after reading a few pages, I was already blown away by its greatness! Incredibly modern for its time: I could see how inspiring this … Continue reading

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A Book Review: The New Life by Orhan Pamuk

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After reading the opening sentence of the New Life, “I read a book one day and my whole life was changed,” I wondered whether reading The New Life itself was going to change my life. This is the story of … Continue reading

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The Silent Growth of Trees (End of Chapter 3)

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On the way back to the detention room, Mr. Farsi and I barely talked, but the coins and the keys ring in his pocket never stopped jingling, and it reminded me of the way Father used to walk, holding his … Continue reading

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The Ants

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  It was right after Goli’s visit. She’d spent most of her time sitting at the kitchen table, looking at me with her sarcastic stare, or walking in the backyard, counting her steps or maybe looking for something lost. After … Continue reading

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